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  1. You’re not restricted on how you advertise.
    a. Funneling everything that you acquire into your email list gives you full control and creativity in how you advertise.
  2. You’re not at the mercy of algorithm changes.
    a. We all know someone whose business died out because an algorithm change took out their single traffic source.
  3. You take ads spend out of the equation.
    a. KISS – Keep It Simple St**!d! If you don’t understand paid advertising, you don’t have to burn thousands of dollars learning it or be at the mercy of a marketing agency.
  4. You can use it as a negotiation chip to get new traffic in your funnel.
    a. When in doubt, keep calm and JV (Joint Venture). And the more traffic assets that you own, the more negotiation chips that you have.
  5. You didn’t have to spend time building up the asset to the point where you bought it.
    a. If you needed to get somewhere fast, would you rather have the frame, engine, and the rest of the car or just have a fully assembled vehicle ready to go?
  6. It’s possible to acquire traffic assets for zero out of pocket.

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