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ASE’s mission is to preserve or automate 1,000 businesses.


We believe that 90% of the companies looking to sell, not selling, is unacceptable.


We promise that while business systems and processes may be unsexy, they’ll give you the desired freedom that got you into entrepreneurship in the first place.


At the same time, external growth through acquisitions and joint ventures (JVs) is still the greatest way of scaling.


That’s why you always want a solid systemized foundation before you start bolting on acquisitions and JVs.


Otherwise, your company will look like an elephant trying to balance itself on a tight rope. 


The genius of ASE comes through when you grow externally on top of an operating system.


And if you’re content with having a lifestyle business that doesn’t need external growth, that’s cool too; we won’t discriminate.


You’ll at least have the peace of mind that it’s a turn-key business that can easily change hands when the time comes.


Hopefully, that’s later rather than sooner, but with the black swan event that’s going to happen, your business must be systemized.


Consequently, that’s why this might be one of the biggest opportunities for small to medium-sized (SME) business owners….


With the economy going down the drain in the 2024 recession, business owners realize that they have 3 choices:


  1. Reinforce their foundation;

  2. Scale;

  3. Or Exit.


That’s why now is the perfect time to preserve your business’s legacy by implementing turn-key systems or selling the company.


At ASE, our job is to help SMEs implement turn-key operating systems that allow for passive ownership, scale through acquisitions, or a seamless exit.


If you have less than ten employees, then our operating system may not apply. But if you’re a frustrated yet smart and mature business owner looking for a stress-free way of operating your business, this could be your next big breakthrough.


You know how overwhelming it is when you’re always chasing business fires? You’re always working with little to show for it, and that’s why we created The Above the Business Kit.


You’ll confidently have control over a well-oiled machine by being above the business and not in or on it.


Scaling and M&A Rocket Fuel

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Edgar Fernandez

Edgar Fernandez is the Vice Chairman of Great Western Technologies, LLC (GWT).  He is an experienced IT professional who also specializes in deal flow generation, carve-outs, valuating, structuring, and creative financing. He has assembled a prospective board of directors with over 100 years of combined experience in M&A, and participated in more transactions than we could account for, conservatively worth over $200 Billion.

Edgar has extensive IT experience with a degree, 23 technical certifications, 8 years of IT experience including, help desk analyst, cyber security analyst, network engineer, and SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Network) engineer.

In parallel to that, he has 5 years of digital marketing experience with a focus on paid advertising, copywriting, and email marketing.

Over the past three years, he has focused on M&A, acquired 14 digital traffic assets, and participated in 17 other transactions in an advisory capacity.

In late 2023, Edgar started as an Exit Consultant for a Wellness and Travel Rollup. The advisory team that he partnered with has done over 47 successful transactions.

As seen in the Acquisition Aficionado Magazine

Business Mastery On The Go

Our YouTube Channel is being built out to reflect all of our financing options, exiting SOPs, and M&A SOPs. 

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