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Why You Should Buy And Not Rent Your Digital Traffic Sources

Is it possible to get David Ogilvy-like results in your marketing without spending 10,000 hours on messaging and copywriting?

Yes, you can just acquire the eyeballs that you're looking for without having to put in the effort of getting the asset to the stage that it is at when you purchased it.

And no, I'm not talking about paying for ads! I'm talking about buying the rights to social media pages and groups. And along the same lines are websites, channels, and email lists.

If you want more ideas of what you can buy you can head over to If you want more ideas of what you can buy you can head over to But fair warning, once a deal hits a listing site like Empire Flipper, it's probably not a good deal if the listing has been up for more than a few weeks.

This short post will go over the 6 main reasons why you must own and not rent your digital traffic.

  1. You’re not restricted in how you advertise. a. Funneling everything that you acquire into your email list gives you full control and creativity in how you advertise.

  2. You’re not at the mercy of algorithm changes. a. We all know someone whose business died out because an algorithm change took out their single traffic source.

  3. You take ads spend out of the equation. a. Keep It Simple! If you don’t understand paid advertising, you don’t have to burn thousands of dollars learning it or be at the mercy of a marketing agency.

  4. You can use it as a negotiation chip to get new traffic in your funnel. a. When in doubt, keep calm and JV (Joint Venture). And the more traffic assets that you own, the more negotiation chips that you have.

  5. You didn’t have to spend time building up the asset to the point where you bought it. a. If you needed to get somewhere fast, would you rather have the frame, engine, and the rest of the car or just have a fully assembled vehicle ready to go?

  6. It’s possible to acquire traffic assets for zero out of pocket, just ask your friendly neighborhood ASE how! 

Now take 5 minutes and mind map out all of the places where your customers live.

If you only need 1,000 true fans to run any business successfully, what would acquiring just a few of those mapped traffic assets do for your business?

And if you're not sure what to do with a freshly acquired traffic asset just start answering the top 8 questions in your industry in different ways.

Lastly, if you just had the epiphany that this simple strategy is the equivalent of Guerrilla Marketing to the power of pie. You're welcome! No offense to Jay Conrad your book is an honorable 4/5 per Google.

Growing through acquisitions also includes the following:

Social: FB Ad Account Social: FB Page Social: IG Account Social: YT Channel

Group: Facebook Group: LinkedIn

SEO: Blog/Vlog SEO: Website SEO: Video

List: Pixeled Audience List: Subscribers List: Email List List: Email Account

Ecom: Ebay Account Ecom: Ebay Store Ecom: Etsy Store

Show: Podcast Show: Radio Show: TV

IP: SaaS IP: Paid Plugin/Widget


Join the ASE fleet of business owners today!

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